Teja Kaur

Unity Of Heart, Kundalini Yoga with Teja Kaur.

I've always be interested in yoga from my teens, largely self taught to begin with. I've always felt a connection to nature and the universe and yoga helped me to feel centered and grounded.

When I moved to Cornwall I started going to regular yoga classes, I also began work as an energy healer and Angelic Channel and then 4 years ago I discovered Kundalini yoga when I was looking for something that brought all my interests together.
For me Kundalini yoga brings together all of my beliefs and understandings of my being in a way that is tangible, practical with tools and teachings that we can use everyday to support our lives and healing.

I love Kundalini Yoga, it connects me to my body, allowing me to move deeper into parts of myself that have been kept hidden, it brings my awareness to the patterns and tensions that I hold and allows me to release these on every level, while also supporting me in experiencing my energy bodies and expanding my awareness into the vastness of my being. The Mantras and the music we play support me in ways I cannot describe, but that need to be experienced.

2014 I have received my spiritual name. I have been blessed to live as Teja Kaur, the princess/lioness whose aura merges with God's power and energy.

'Yoga is the science of the self. Kundalini is the nerve of the soul it is the awakening of the soul.
Kundalini yoga helps you to learn to experience your energy and penetrate any given situation to attain balance. It is the science of charging and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity.
Kundalini is your creative potential. It is awareness. Kundalini yoga is the technology to awaken your awareness and take you into your original self. It is the natural unfolding of your own nature.
Through Kundalini yoga you can become totally and wholly aware and your creative potential becomes available to you.'

‘’Kundalini classes are a dynamic blend of postures, pranayama (breath), mantra and meditation, which teaches you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul’’ Yogi Bhajan

Class held in Falmouth Saturday 9-10.30 at the Athenaeum Club
Falmouth Penvale, Kimberley Place, Falmouth TR11 3QL
Tuesday evening 6-7.30 (in Falmouth contact me for more details)
Energy exchange: Drop in £8; Block of 4 consecutive classes is £26

I also offer 1-1 sessions to support you in going deeper in your practice. Sessions can focus on supporting physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of self, bringing a deeper understanding and experience of any blocks.
Sessions energy exchange £35 per hour

I also run a monthly full moon Mantra Meditation in Falmouth

contact Teja Kaur on 07708565820 or email unityofheart@yahoo.co.uk